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socl ( is a good resource for creating montages with related content on the Internet. We just have to drag the links that we found and group them to share with the rest of the world blocks of information on the most diverse topics.

This social network, which started in 2011 as a network for students and that we discussed in detail for the first time in 2012, has not managed to be a major protagonist in the social web, although it must be recognized that it can be an excellent system for students collect information that you can use later to do academic work.

In December 2012 it released a new version reminiscent of a mix between Google Plus, Pinterest and Facebook, in June this year they renewed the system allowing photo and video collages, and now they have released versions for Android, iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone, as reported on TNW.

The idea is that we can create collages and memes in seconds, that it is possible to share the creations on other social networks, that we can comment on the existing content, that allow us to take photos and share them in Socl, that shows updates from the people we follow, that organize our content collections and let you meet new people.

As you can see, quite ambitious, although Socl remains hidden behind the shadows of the greats, without disclosure in Windows, Bing or any of the other great Microsoft projects.