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Snazzy Maps, style repository for Google maps


It is curious that until now we have not found any style repository given the number of ways in which we can display a Google Map, but here comes Snazzy Maps finally, a nice gallery that shows us all the ways, aesthetic and functional, in which We can use and customize the data from Google Maps.

Useful for any developer to use or create their own map styles, in Snazzy Maps we will be able to navigate through styles from the most popular to the latest, or we will simply be able to filter the search by color styles. For example, using the search that shows us the most popular maps, we find styles like Pale Dawn with pale colors, Midnight Commander in a dark blue style and with the names of the towns in white, Red Alert to show red-orange contrasts or style Tripitty, ideal for mapping sea areas in detail and contrasting them with land areas.

If any of the maps has caught our attention, we can access the code in Javascript by clicking on the style name. Comment, for the peace of mind of those who use them, that all the maps have been published under a Creative Commons license and therefore are completely free to use. For creatives, another feature worth mentioning is that we can upload our own styles if we want to share them with the user community.