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Snapy, Android application to take photos with other open applications


Having to leave the application we are in to open the camera, take the photo and return to work can be a huge waste of time, something that can be avoided if we use Snapy.

It is an app for Android that shows at all times an icon of a camera floating, semi-transparent, above the applications. When we press it, it allows us to take and edit photos, being easy to go back to the previous task without losing the work rhythm.

The free version includes the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, and other exposure-related variables, though the Pro version adds options for adjusting the popup window, geographic location, and other extras.

It can actually be configured so that it is not always visible, adding the option to launch the camera in the notification bar, for example, always thinking about the possibility of not interrupting the current task on our device.

The built-in editor is no wonder (nothing compared to Snapseed, for example), but it does help improve image quality when shooting without focusing too much on the environment. The application is designed to be able to run quickly, to capture the moment that would otherwise be lost by leaving, opening the camera and pressing, so it is easy to imagine that the captured images do not stand out for their quality, precisely.

Link: Snapy on Google Play | Go