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Snapchat acquired this week a company specialized in Augmented Reality


According to Calcalist News, Snapchat acquired this week Cimagine, an Israeli-based company specialized in Augmented Reality. Basically, the company works with a series of commercial firms so that they can offer their clients the possibility of visualizing the products they wish to purchase using the places where they want to locate them as a basis. The cost of the operation would have been between 30 million and 40 million dollars.

According to TechCrunch, Cimagine points out on his LinkedIn page that among the firms he is currently working with is Jeromes, a Southern California furniture store franchise, Shop Direct, a UK online retailer, and even the major Coca Cola soft drink company.It is hoped that with this acquisition, Snapchat will use Cimagine technology to improve the experiences offered by various firms through advertising campaigns, and perhaps also serve to use Cimagine headquarters as Snapchat's development headquarters in Israel.

It is not the first acquisition carried out by Snapchat since throughout this year it has also been acquiring small companies although it is possible that it has acquired some more that have not yet been known.