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Smartflix, the Netflix client that unlocks all its limits

Smartflix, the Netflix client that unlocks all its limits

Smartflix, the Netflix client that unlocks all its limits

They are hooked to Netflix? Well Smartflix is a client for Netflix that unlocks all limits of the service.

Netflix continues to grow, feeding its content catalog month by month and creating new own productions. Since October 2015 it has been available in Spain and there are practically no countries left on the planet where it cannot access the content on demand service.

Weeks ago we learned that Netflix is ​​already producing its own content in Spain and, as it happens in other countries, it is likely that these series and films are not available worldwide. Netflix blocks content by country.

How to access all Netflix content

This may be for different reasons, although the main one is usually that they have already licensed the content to other platforms. For example, it is what happens with House of Cards in Spain, that the issue has Movistar +. However, There are ways to access what is broadcast in other countries.

Yes, the answer that VPN, hiring VPN services can be accessed without problems to the content that Netflix emits other passes. There are dozens of these services and even VPNs dedicated exclusively to Netflix, Pandora and more platforms have been born, for example Proxmate.

However, the main drawback of VPNs is that, although it is not difficult to put them into operation, not everyone is doing it. One solution is to use Smartflix, a Netflix client that we have recently discovered and that makes things much easier.

Smartflix unlocks all Netflix limits

Smartflix is ​​a program that acts like a Netflix clientThat is, we can see in it all the content of Netflix, as if it were actually the original player.

Actually the program interface is well worked and it includes access to all Netflix categories, themes and functions, but also Smartflix enriches it with some more plugins.

The most outstanding is that Smartflix integrates its own VPN, so that we can access from this client to ALL Netflix contentfrom any country, and that in a transparent way. Simply the content appears, the user does not know what is behind a VPN nor does he have to know what it is.

We know that Netflix has begun to fight VPNs more intensively, but for now Smartflix is ​​still working and the best thing is that there is a community on Reddit where many doubts are resolved.

Add more features to Netflix

Smartflix has a client for Windows and Mac, nothing Linux at the moment, and also includes integration with IMDb, trailers, own section to see later, possibility of obtaining subtitles from OpenSubtitles and even uploading our own and more.

Unfortunately, like any product, it also has negative points. Smartflix limits content playback to 720p, it doesn’t support Chromecast, and of course you have to pay to use it.

It includes a 7-day free period and then has a cut of $ 3.99 a month or $ 39.90 a year (although seeing that some VPNs have stopped working, I would not pay for such a service in the long term). You can find all the details of Smartflix on its website.