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Skydrive for iOS now allows you to view documents and make automatic backup of photos


Microsoft has released a new version of its iOS app that allows you to view Office documents and OneNote files directly from the cloud file management app. At the same time it allows an automatic backup of the photos of our mobile phone, something similar to what Dropbox has been doing for months.

Available now on iTunes, it shortens the space between the existing functionalities in SkyDrive for Windows Phone, where automatic backup already exists. At the moment there is no forecast regarding the launch of the new Android version.

There are already many applications that we have on mobile phones to backup and copy files from one device to another. Starting with the three classics: Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox, and following other more unknown ones, such as MEGA, Box or Sync, from BitTorrent, it is clear that you have to move faster to guarantee a position in the podium. Today, MediaFire has announced that it also wants to participate in the game.

It’s not about a cart for free space available, it’s about speed, available resources, and warranty. No one wants to see how their files disappear forever from one day to the next, as happened at the time with Megaupload.