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Skout – social network to find people relatively close to us

Skout - social network to find people relatively close to us

Accustomed as we are at this point to the daily use of social networks, we should not have difficulties in the use of Skout, a social network that has both an application for desktop web browsers and applications for mobile devices, with the sole purpose of contacting other people throughout the world, as we establish.

The idea is that we can find people close to us and we can get in touch with them, establishing conversations via chat, adding them as favorites, and even making virtual gifts, which we will pay for points, which can be obtained through interactions and with the purchase of point packages, among other functions.

From Skout they declare to bet very seriously on security and privacy, so they will never show the exact locations, in addition they will expel users who carry out harmful behaviors, blocking those devices from which they access. In other words, they prefer quality over volume, according to one of its managers.

As is normal in this type of tool, the search results will depend on their criteria, although it would not have hurt to have more search criteria.

Link: Skout | Goes: Fayerwayer