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Sites and mobile applications to quit smoking


There comes a time when you think about quitting smoking – or giving up another bad habit – for your own good and that of others, but without the necessary help that takes advantage of such change, surely it will remain just that, a desire . However, the advantage over few others is that the treatments have been adapted to make things easier, especially when they have been transferred to the network and mobile devices that with their daily company make better control possible.

Anyway, here are some of the best sites and apps to quit as soon as possible. They are mostly free options so there is no excuse for at least trying.

Interactive resources (from word puzzles to apps), tips, tricks, and generally a complete space to find and stay motivated enough to quit. As its Why Quit section and the Wall section show, especially those of other users, reasons to start with the change.

StickK is a space based on Commitment Contracts, a verbal agreement that forces you to meet personal goals in exchange for incentives. His model is most interesting: you set your goal (in this case, quit smoking), you guarantee a certain amount of money, you get someone you trust to check your progress, and if you achieve your goal you don’t have to pay anything; otherwise, you must give the money which will be donated to a foundation, person or organization -as they say, especially to someone you hate-.

As they define it in several places, a self-help social network, and there is no better way to do without vices than by working with other people affected by them and who also share the desire to combat them. Toolstolife offers the necessary tools to form groups, follow some guidelines and conditions to achieve personal goals working as a team.

Doctor fum

A medical assisted gradual reduction (RGA) treatment. In the form of a video game with a virtual doctor who will be guiding the entire process, what the application offers is a scientific treatment that ends in passing 8 nicotine withdrawal tests, but doing it gradually (hence the RGA) but not just one. knock.

Price: US $ 18.99 | Platform: iOS

Track & Check

To keep track of habits, in this case to keep track of cigarettes consumed per day, hours without smoking, money saved, etc. It may even be interesting to combine your analysis with that of good habits and health factors (weight, blood pressure). Its paid version includes graphics, alerts and other functionalities.

Price: Free and $ 3.99 per PRO version | Platform: iOS

Quit Smoking

Kind of like Doctor Fum regarding its phasing solution and TwentyFeet for control options. A little easier, with graphics and in the form of widget, allows knowing the achievements obtained according to the own records (such as current nicotine levels). It is complemented with aids and tests.

Price: Free | Platform: Android


The most acclaimed on the Play Store for its amount of help regarding the benefits of quitting smoking (especially health ones), tips, implications of sticking with addiction, pictures and more. The rest are also registration options (with widget included): non-smoked cigarettes, medals for achievements, money and time saved, etc. Includes integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free and $ 2.61 per PRO version | Platform: Android