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SimpleNeat, a simple way to create collaborative photo albums


We have many options that allow us to gather photos of a special event in one place, and then share them with our friends and family. SimpleNeat joins these proposals, providing a very simple way to create online photo albums.

To start using SimpleNeat we don’t need to register, we just go to Create A Photo Album. In a very minimalist interface, we are presented with several options, we can choose between creating a collaborative album, so that everyone who receives the link can edit it or configure it so that it only allows viewing the photographs.

Once we have created the album, it only remains to upload the photos using the options presented in the side menu. In each of the photographs we can add a title and a description, in addition to other options that are integrated.

People who receive the URL of our album will be able to view the photos through a viewer, they will have the option to see it in its original size and even download it. If we decide to create an account, then we can see all the albums we have shared and not risk losing the link that has been created.

SimpleNeat has different plans, but in its free version we have all the features that we have discussed.

Goes: LifeHacker