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Signal comes to the desktop, for everyone: the rise of encrypted messaging

Signal comes to the desktop, for everyone: the rise of encrypted messaging

Signal comes to the desktop, for everyone: the rise of encrypted messaging

You can now download on your computer and use freely Signal, one of the safest messaging apps of the moment.

This week has been marked by great news that practically affects all of us who use WhatsApp. The company, which belongs to Facebook, was taking a big step by introducing end-to-end encryption.

This measure already applies the chats of all users by default, as we saw, however, this end-to-end encryption or also called point-to-point, does not encrypt everything.

Signal, the application that Snowden uses, now available to everyone

A few months ago we talked about Signal, an instant messaging application developedOpen Whisper Systems, with end-to-end encryption and open source. Also, it came endorsed by Edward Snowden.

As usually happens with these things, in order not to collapse the service due to an avalanche of users looking for Privacy, Signal for desktop computers arrived in private beta, with a queue of more than 20,000 people a few hours after it was announced.

After a few months, now yes, you can use Signal from the browser freely to communicate privately and safely with whoever you want. To do so, just download the application official from the Chrome Web Store:

Signal App for Chrome

It is totally free, Of course. All you need to do is log in to your account using the Signal smartphone app, which is available for Android and iOS in the respective app stores.

The Importance of Encrypted Communications

As we have said, Signal is an open source project, which you can check on its GitHub, but is the safest? the truth is, no, or at least it would be on par with Wire. We talk about Wire It does some and paints it as the most secure messaging app ever created, even adding the video calling feature.

It is clear that these applications will not be the most popular or used, but it is always good to find alternatives. In addition, the rise of this type of apps, also make users see that the security and privacy is important, pushing at the same time that large companies also adopt measures (as is the case with WhatsApp).