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Sickweather, mobile disease alert system


Thanks to the GPS of our mobile phones we have access to almost everything available around us and the possibility of creating alerts when we are near interesting bars, places to visit, or even close to friends. And then, why not consider that we can create systems to define other alerts, such as, for disease outbreaks, and geolocated?

Defining itself as the world’s first radar in terms of diseases, Sickweather offers us just that possibility: that of receiving alerts in real time every time we approach an infection forum, defined by other users who have reported that they are ill in that area. . Colds, fever, gastroenteritis caused by Norovirus, etc. are some of the examples of diseases that can be introduced and reported via the application, through the mobile.

System still pending patent, Sickweather works through a process that follows and locates how and when users have reported a disease through social media, at which point we will see a blue marker on the map that locates the focus . For more information, we can click on the blue dot, which will tell us what viruses are nearby.

The application is simple and very practical for those who want to avoid catching the flu every two by three, however, the continued use of the application given its permanent use of GPS can make our phone last a short time.

You can download the app from this link to iTunes available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in versions 5.0 or later.