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Shuttersong, to add sound clips to our images


Today’s digital photography has nothing to do with digital photography from a few years ago: now we can edit our photos, apply professional filters instantly, take black and white captures and change contrasts in a matter of seconds and make collages in less than two minutes. Another new component that is gradually mixing with the fashion of taking photos on mobile devices is music: in this case, Shuttersong allows us to publish images with sound clips of our choice added to them.

We have various options to choose the sound that accompanies our image: first, we can use the same microphone on the device to record the sound we want, and second, we can choose the sound effects and songs from our own library musical. As an additional possibility, we can also choose photos from the web and insert a fun sound to share them with our friends.

We read in VB the words of Shuttersong CEO William Agush:

Shuttersong fills that empty space between digital photography and video. It allows users to capture different moments and create unique audio images – their own photos, postcards to sing on or musical letters.

We leave you here the link to download Shuttersong in iTunes, available for iOS 5.1. or higher and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.