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Shopify allows stores to adopt Bitcoin as a payment system


A little over seven years ago, which is being said soon, we introduced you to the Shopify e-commerce platform, whose service allows anyone who wants to, to have their own online store without the need for technical knowledge, with the advantages that it contributes. Today is news because one of its forums is announcing the inclusion of support for payments through Bitcoin through Bitpay for those online stores that use the platform.

The details have been given by Brian Alkerton within a discussion thread of said forum indicating that it is a new feature which is not ready to be launched definitively for all stores at the moment, so that the owners of online stores of the Shopify platform who want to integrate this payment system, they must contact it to enable this feature, and they can even monitor the operation for a time to make sure that the feature works.

He adds that at this time, Bitpay’s functions are similar to those of other Shopify credit card processors, so that online stores cannot use Bitpay in conjunction with, Stripe, or any other credit card processors. credit.

Within the discussions of the corresponding thread you can see messages from users wanting to adopt this payment system to others suspicious of using it for different reasons, making comparisons with other platforms and online e-commerce services for the support they already have with this system payment, where some of the users already have their sights set on them if Shopify does not adopt Bitcoin in its service.