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Shopify adds official support for Bitcoin


Earlier this month, we informed you that the Shopify e-commerce platform had begun to allow its platform’s merchants who wish to allow their customers to pay through Bitcoins through Bitpay on an experimental basis. Today, the launch of the support for Bitcoin is final, in whose announcement it is indicated that the more than 75,000 merchants that the platform has available can already start accepting Bitcoin, whose integration is carried out through Bitpay, allowing its use together with other payment, such as Shopify and Paypal.

The characteristics to consider are:

* Customers from anywhere in the world can make payments with digital currency. * The currency works as cash. * Transactions cannot be reversed to the buyer, (unlike credit cards or Paypal) * You can choose for receiving payments in Bitcoins (payments within the Bitcoin wallet) or receiving payments in local currency directly into the bank account itself every business day. * Transactions are secure and comply with the highest security standards of electronic commerce.

In this way, a demand is fulfilled by many merchants of the platform who wanted to allow their clients to make their payments through Bitcoins, and this fact occurs at the gates of the Christmas holidays.

The announcement is also aimed at those users who are still not clear about the concept of Bitcoin, about which they briefly indicate that it is an online p2p financial network that people use to make payments between people, also being a digital currency , whose network does not have intermediation by a central authority. If it is still not clear to you, it also offers an explanatory video as well as a series of links.