javascript contador Saltar al contenido, a project for us to create our private data cloud

Distrustful of the security of our data in the public cloud, commenting that there is no 100% secure solution to save our information on the Internet, from ( present a project that can solve the problems of those who do not trust Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and company.

This is an application, still in beta, that will allow small businesses to configure a private information cloud to share data internally. It works on Windows and Mac and is relatively easy to configure, since users will use their own machines as servers, allowing information to be shared and teamwork without having to connect to the Internet.

They present it in the Disrupt Europe 2013 and they are already opening the site so that invitations can be requested, promising that it is a solution that will allow the file transmission speed to be increased up to 20 times.

In reality there are already many companies that use internal solutions configuring the local network, without the need for any extra application, although it seems that in this case there will be a layer of permissions and access control of devices that will increase the possibilities and facilitate the management among those they do not work directly with network management.

You can download the system and register to test it, although at the moment there is no version for Linux or any type of comment related to versions in said operating system.