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Services to evaluate the ranking of your website compared to other sites

Services to evaluate the ranking of your website compared to other sites

After the tools to measure the influence on Social Media and the list with web statistics services (in addition to Google Analytics) to record specific details of our site and its visitors, it is worth reviewing the external variables than in a competitive market such as that of the current network allows us to distinguish the points for and against the competition.

Hongkiat highlights some of the best that can be of use to advertisers and webmasters equally in their task of comparing and making decisions, although it is worth recommending using several of them instead of relying on estimates of only one.


Quantcast displays demographic information (country, gender, age, education, wages), an approximate location in your ranking web based on the traffic of American visitors and graphics highlighting several of its characteristics, including those who enter from your mobile. Regarding the source to record such data, the system allows generating a script to insert in the website code, in addition to taking information from other monitoring services for estimates.


Compete estimates the number of daily visitors according to the day of the week, a position in your ranking and in association with the service, a listing with similar sites regarding traffic and keywords. Your payment options focus on the analysis of the competition and demographic variables to build better marketing and advertising campaigns.


The pinnacle of website ranking systems, a benchmark for price estimates for online businesses. Although it has a bar for browsers on which they base the positions given to each site (you cannot miss the ranking of countries by regions, TOP Sites), generates useful statistics on the number of inbound links, keywords, demographic data, search engines search, referral sites, competition and more.


The source of many of the infographics, graphics, statistics, conclusions and other measurements regarding the public (consumers) on the network that make possible the marketing digital. Among some of its products, all for a fee, analytical tools stand out, to maximize the return on investment, to optimize multimedia distribution processes, to design strategies for using social networks and to find other quality solutions.

Google Trends

Along with the omniscient Adwords keyword tool, Google Trends is responsible for displaying estimates regarding trends, popular topics, sites and relevant information about what people are searching for on A striking feature is to compare websites, for which it will be enough to enter the corresponding URLs in your search box, separating them with a comma. An example comparison could be,,

Google Pagerank

Created by Larry Page, what Google PageRank looks for is to give a value, on a scale of 1 to 10, to each page according to its relevance to search engines (quality and number of inbound links). With the changes in SEO and the improvements in Google algorithms, PageRank is only one variable among dozens more that the search engine takes to define its positioning system –but not the only one as many mistakenly thinkIt is not even very precise anymore. The easiest way to know the PageRank of a page is to use an online service, although the recommended method is in the form of an extension for the browser. [Imagen: Wikipedia].