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Seriously, Microsoft? The latest Windows 10 upgrade notice takes up the entire screen

Seriously, Microsoft? The latest Windows 10 upgrade notice takes up the entire screen

Seriously, Microsoft? The latest Windows 10 upgrade notice takes up the entire screen

We will soon say goodbye, at last, to the controversy of near-forced updates to Windows 10, but there was one more twist left: the full-screen notification of Windows 10.

In case you did not know, the upgrade to Windows 10 will no longer be free from the next July 30, so there is less than a month to make the decision. Starting the next day, the upgrade will cost $ 119 or the equivalent in your country.

At Omicrono we have already explained why we think you should update to Windows 10, but if you do not want to do it, there is no reason to force you. Windows 7 and 8.1 remain systems that are supported for several years and perfectly usable.

Upgrading to Windows 10, a long joke

Personally, the upgrade is no longer a relief, because So we can stop writing articles about the political psyche that Microsoft has followed during this last year., harassing Windows 10 users and methods even if they didn’t want to, with the excuse that they can go back to their old system.

It is such an aggressive attitude that it is causing the opposite effect to that desired; Windows 10 notifications have become a joke, a meme that we already associate with the typical heavy salesman who does not shut up, although we will close the door on him. Even Microsoft has had to pay $ 10,000 to a woman because her computer was allegedly upgraded to Windows 10 without her permission.

But before being able to settle the issue forever, Microsoft had an ace up its sleeve. Or a truncheon, it depends on how you look at it: Windows 10 full-screen notification.

It is exactly what you imagine. While you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, it may appear a screen, suddenly and for good, with a message that you have few days to update to Windows 10. No matter what you are doing, writing or reading, the notification takes up the entire screen and demands that you listen to it.

This is the full screen notification of Windows 10

No, seriously, what are you thinking, Microsoft? Do you really have so little regard for our work, our leisure, the time we spend in front of the screen using your operating system? Really the best solution to the problem of updating to Windows is to occupy the entire screen?

The previous notifications were bad enough, but we can at least ignore them and continue what we were doing; This full screen notification asks us for our complete and absolute attention., asks us to make a decision that could seriously affect us for years to come.

Microsoft apologizes in the message itself for interrupting us, because apparently for the companyit is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. The company also excuses itself that it offers several options on the screen in case we do not want to make the decision now, but that is no justification.

Furthermore, the options presented to us are confusing. First we have the update button, which is already highlighted in case the notification appears while we are doing something and we accidentally press Enter (very picaresque there, Microsoft), and then we have the Recall me button later, but we also have two more buttons to the left. With one of them we can make them notify us three more times, and the other we can make them not notify us anymore.

So if we don’t want to make the decision now, and the notification goes off later, Which button do we press, the one to call me later, or the one to notify me three more times? If I press the first how many times will I be notified? And if I hit the second and there’s only one day left until the offer ends, when will those three notifications be?

I’m pretty tired of all this, in case it doesn’t show. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to talk about Microsoft’s horrifying policy, but knowing the company, they are able to mount another controversy in the remaining four weeks.