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Send intimate videos without risk of leaking with this application

Send intimate videos without risk of leaking with this application

Send intimate videos without risk of leaking with this application

Rumuki is an application that allows sharing intimate or sensitive videos fully encrypted and without fear of them leaking. You can also delete them whenever you want from everywhere.

In the era of social networks, the most common thing in the world is to share photos and videos with friends, family or in general with any follower. Of course, this has evolved and many have ended up sharing intimate content in different ways, as expected.

The sexting (sending messages and audiovisual content with sexual content) may be fine, but it loses its grace when that content ends up in the wrong hands, either because they have managed to get hold of it or because they have hacked a service.

Rumuki encrypts your videos and gives you control

Rumuki, an iOS app that ensures maximum privacy of the content you share, now joins the multitude of applications that exist to share videos in a personal way.

Rumuki allows the sending videos between devices (only videos at the moment, they are working on adding photos as well) and encrypts them with two keys that are only stored on the phones of the sender and the receiver.

Thus, the user who sends an intimate or private video you have control of the file, having to give consent for the other to see it. Do you regret sending it and are you afraid it will leak? No problem, Rumuki also gives the option to completely remove the video from the other person’s device, disappearing forever.

Brálolo whenever you want from the other device

The application is completely free and is available on the App Store, at the moment there is no version for Android. In addition, the company ensures that the data are not stored on your servers and they also do not include any type of tracker in the app itself. You can find the details on their website, where they have also dedicated a section to the encryption technology they use.