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Send and request money to your friends with Verse: from the mobile, easy and fast

Send and request money to your friends with Verse: from the mobile, easy and fast

Send and request money to your friends with Verse: from the mobile, easy and fast

Send and request money friends and family can’t be easier with See, An application simplifies the process from your mobile and totally free.

The guy’s excuses are overI do not have loose, pay me and then I give it to you. Our smartphone is much more than a mobile phone, we all know that, and among all we can do with it is sending and receiving money instantly.

Verse is a free application for iOS and Android that allows us send and receive money from friends in a matter of seconds and, most importantly, no extra commissions.

The utility of Verse to send money with the mobile

Day by day we are faced with a multitude of situations in which we have to pay some amount of money to someone or, in the same way, other acquaintances must pay us. You no longer need to carry cash to meet these payments, you can do it from the mobile with Verse.

How does it work? Very simple, the Verse application is free and anyone can create an account by adding their personal information. In addition, they have recently released their last major update and includes integration with Facebook, so we can connect with friends and family that we have on the social network to send or receive money.

You may be wondering, but is it real money? Of course, money is not generated over the air, each user can associate their bank account or credit card with Verse in order to send money. And of course, if we accumulate money in our Verse we can transfer it to our bank accountanytime and dispose of it in the real world.

All without commissions in between and with total security, Verse is compatible with any bank.

Plan with your friends with new Verse events

As we said, the last novelty that has come to Verse is the Events. The most typical situation in which we have to send or request money between friends is when there is a birthday, a dinner or a party.

Verse now includes a event planner, so that we can predefine how much each of the attendees should pay and have everything planned. From the application we find all the details to add what the event consists of, when it is celebrated (date, time and location), as well as the money to put each assistant.

Again the integration with Facebook It plays a fundamental role because it allows us to invite friends we have on the social network to these events.

Verse is an application free, Available for Android and iOS and you can download it directly from the following link:

Download VERSE to send and request money with your mobile