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Selltag, new option to sell any product with the collaboration of friends

Selltag is founded by people who know the subject, who understand e-commerce, such as Juan Luis Hortelano, Walter Kobilansky and Ruben Colomer, with the help of Plug and Play (accelerator from where they have received seed capital investment).

It is a new online sales platform that allows us to sell any product with the collaboration of our friends. The idea is to offer a site where it is easy to create an ad and simultaneously spread it on our social networks, contacting trusted buyers, who are already within our circle of contacts.

In Selltag ( we can find physical and digital products, new or used, both to carry out specific operations and to publish an online store in which we offer our photographs, illustrations, crafts, crafts, etc.

The transactions are made through PayPal, they are already working with a smartphone application to help publish and buy products, but they will always have paypal as a payment platform available.

With more than a thousand registered users and hundreds of products for sale, a new protagonist appears in the e-commerce category, available in both Spanish and English, betting on the simplicity and power of social networks that, in the end and After all, they are the main dissemination tools for this new project.