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Selfesteemgames – a game to learn to think positive.

Selfesteemgames - a game to learn to think positive.

Imagine that you could play a computer game for only 5 minutes each morning and thus develop your self-esteem and self-confidence. Well, McGill University has designed that game.

According to the scientists who have created Selfsteemgames, people who practice their games daily can develop positive and beneficial habits for their personal, professional and social life.

The web offers three demos of games made in flash: Grow your Chi, Eye Spy and The Wham. They are all based on associate one’s name and date of birth with happy, smiling, or approving faces. In this way, the aim is to condition the user’s attention to pay attention to the positive aspects, and ignore those signs of rejection, in any situation that they may face at any time in their life.

On the Selfsteem games site are available the research that supports the game, future projects that the university is already working on and a link to Mind Habits, the commercial game that brings together all the minigames available on the web. By the way, the games are only available in English, but to click on your name or human faces you don’t have to be a fillo, right?