javascript contador Saltar al contenido, to send encrypted files from the same browser


It is not very common for a user to do so, but in case we need to send encrypted files and data often, it is best to find a solution that helps us share them securely. In this case offers us a solution to encrypt files in a simple way and share them through a URL and, in addition, with self-destruction of the file included after seven days.

The website works in a few steps: by selecting a file to share we can upload it to simply by clicking on + choose your file, at which time encrypt our file before uploading it to its own servers. After finishing the encryption, the website will return a URL that will be destroyed after seven days, with a password included that will be the one that the recipient of the file must enter to download it. We can also choose whether we want to pass the URL with the password attached to it or, for more security, send the recipient the URL and the password separately.

In addition to what we have just discussed, another advantage of for those looking for easy solutions to encrypt and share files is that it will not require any registration or account to activate the URL, which, in turn, will be generated randomly and with many characters so that nobody can access it. You can use it in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Chrome for Android.