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secretink – To destroy messages sent by email or SMS


There has been a long time trying to solve a big problem when sending information over the Internet: Once it is sent, there is not much that can be done to avoid its permanence in the network of networks.

Various mobile messaging applications have been working on that point to allow the message creator to delete the content on the server and from the destination when deemed necessary, some even try to avoid taking a screenshot, to increase Still the feeling of privacy, although we are still taking the first steps at that point.

Now we read in Techcrunch that an application called SecretInk (secret ink) has been launched, which allows messages sent by email or SMS to self-destruct, working within any system compatible with the PowerInbox extension, the company responsible for the system.

The application allows you to send encrypted messages using HTTPS, deleting the message from your servers the moment it is opened at the destination, the messages cannot be retrieved after they have been opened. When a sender creates a message with SecretInk on the web, the recipient receives a notice that they have new content pending. When accessing it, it disappears forever after a time to allow its reading.

Message received when sending from Secretink

In addition to Gmail, the SecretInk system works with Hotmail, Yahoo and other clients supported by PowerInbox, and they are already thinking of versions for thousands.

Its founder compares this new service to Snapchat, pointing out that there is no way to prevent the recipient from capturing the message at the moment it has been received, although the main point, keeping the information free from espionage, continues to comply.