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Scrible launches Chrome extension for students to organize information


It’s been a while since we first introduced you to Scrible, a text editor for web pages for text annotation, bookmarking, saving favorite content and enabling collaborative text editing, really great for students.

Increasing its possibilities and utilities, we now have Scrible in the form of an extension for the Google Chrome browser, with the same tools as the classic Scrible and some added ones (for example, changing the font of the websites whose content we save in our Scrible account) . The grace of the Chrome extension is its content organization services, that is, the possibility of saving parts of articles in the same compilation or folder, in addition to being able to format bibliographies while we are marking and saving the favorite content.

Scrible include very useful small details: for example, notify us when we are on a website that we have previously saved content, so that we do not have duplicate texts. On the other hand, the Chrome extension will load us and show the annotations made more recently.

Very useful extension for all those students who are searching for information that need a little help to get organized, especially if the collection process is going to be long. You can install the free Chrome extension at this link to the Chrome Web Store.