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Screenshots from Chrome, with notes and Google Drive integration

snagit extensin

The TechSmith Snagit team released a few days ago its screenshot kit for Chrome, with an extension and application.

Sharing some of the features that we find in the program, the Snagit extension allows us to take the screenshot choosing the area we want to focus on, taking into account the size in pixels.

After the capture we go to edit it in the Library that presents the application. We can add dates, shapes or notes to our screenshots and give them a name before sharing or saving them.

Every time we capture, it is automatically saved in our Google Drive account, in a new folder created by TechSmith. And if we want to share any of them, we only have to request the shortened URL that it provides, simplifying the task of authorizing permissions from Drive.

From the application we can also manage the captures, with the option of performing searches or deleting them when they are no longer useful to us. Or we can use the Clear cache option. Remember that we have to have installed both the Snagit extension and its application so that we can use all the functions that we have discussed.

It is an interesting and practical solution that we can take into account when capturing from Chrome, that we want to edit and share.