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ScreenshotCleaner, remove the navigation and status bar on your screenshots [Android]


Perhaps if we use graphic editing applications, we will not need to install ScreenshotCleaner on our Android terminals, although for other users it is an interesting utility in order to eliminate a series of elements in the different screenshots they have taken. The idea is that said screenshots do not have certain unnecessary elements so that they can be included in content on websites or other media where they will be displayed.

Precisely ScreenshotCleaner allows the removal of both the navigation bar and the status bar, although as echoed AddictiveTips, the removal of the status bar will be activated in future updates, allowing it to be removed by a black rectangle that will be adjusted to Through a slider, although you can also enter custom images, ideal for cases where the captures belong to terminals with custom layers from different manufacturers.

Note that the application will search for traps in the default directory, although it is possible to search in other directories of the terminals themselves. Once the different captures are obtained, the application of the settings can be applied to any and all of them simultaneously.

ScreenshotCleaner hardly has any options, although the ones available may be sufficient for those users who wish to obtain screenshots of the different desktops of their terminals or of the specific applications they have installed.

Despite being freely available through Google Play, it is limited to be used on Android 4.0 terminals onwards. New features will be added soon.