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schoolsworld, hundreds of educational videos classified by level and by subject

schoolsworld is a video portal specialized in the educational world. There we can find hundreds of videos for students, from mini-documentaries to scientific experiences, through demonstrations and explanations by teachers.

The videos are classified and can be included on any other web page for students to embed in their academic blogs.

In addition to videos we can also find documents, presentations and games, always related to the videos available.

A fantastic resource that we know about at

Although the content is in English, it is a good database of content that teachers can use to display in class, translating what is necessary or explaining what is appearing on the screen.

If what you are looking for are videos in our language, remember that we have, a website that we have already talked about on several occasions and that offers the possibility of consulting for free more than 2,500 videos of the most diverse subjects in our language. Every week we receive a list of the new videos available, proving that it is an extremely dynamic and updated project.

Of course, we always have YouTube, although the research work on that portal can be too exhausting. Here we have already talked about YouTube channels with explanations of physics and mathematics.