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Save up to 95% memory in Chrome with this extension

This Chrome trick helps you hunt the webs are eating your RAM and CPU

This Chrome trick helps you hunt the webs are eating your RAM and CPU

You are one of those who ends with zillion tabs open in the browser? You have to know this extension that will help you organize them and save memory on your computer.

The web browser is surely the program we use the most throughout the day when we are in front of the computer, not only to surf the net, but nowadays we can already do practically any task from it, from editing photos to writing a work complete thanks to the various online services.

I personally have a problem, I end up with dozens and dozens of open tabs in the browser, either because I am opening links related to a main topic, interesting articles that I have come across or websites that I leave in the background to consult them later. You feel identified right?

Combine tabs in Chrome and Firefox

Whichever web browser you use, the more you hold open, the greater the consumption of program resources. If you also use Google Chrome, it is even more worrying because the Google browser is a memory sucking machine.

The solution goes through a cool (and veteran) extension called OneTab you should know because it can reduce the memory consumption of Chrome and Firefox by up to 95%.

How OneTab works can not be easier: every time you find dozens of tabs open in a browser window, simply press the OneTab icon andcompress into a single tab.

OneTab turns them into one list of links, that we can restore at any time both individually and in bulk, as well as to eliminate them if it is what we want. Obviously we do this with tabs that we do not have in use, but that we do not want to lose sight of.

Similarly, you do not have to send all tabs at once to OneTab, by right-clicking on the extension icon we can send specific tabs or even exclude certain websites so that they never get into the single tab.

In addition to the above, another very interesting use of One Tab is the possibility of share link lists with a single link. That is to say, you can send to whomever you want and by whatever means you want a list of websites simply with a OneTab link.

This extension is totally free and is available for Chrome and Firefox.