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Save on your mobile rate and control consumption with Roams

Save on your mobile rate and control consumption with Roams

Save on your mobile rate and control consumption with Roams

With the Roams application you will not spend more on your mobile than necessary.

Everyone has ever asked themselves the same question: What can I do not to spend so much on my phone? Yes, that we have a mobile market so open of course that it is a good thing, but for the user it is also one more complication than it already has.

Not only do we have to choose the right operator, but we also have to choose the right rate for our needs. It doesn’t end even after signing the contract, and We may encounter more than one bad surprise on the bill if we are not careful.

All the necessary data to save on the phone

Roams is the app that will allow us to have those expenses controlled, and get all the information necessary to make an intelligent decision when choosing a mobile operator.

For starters, the most basic functionality that Roams allows is control data consumption, minutes and accumulated spending, not only from our mobile line, but also landlines and the Internet.

If our smartphone has Dual-SIM, this app can be very helpful because allows to manage more than one phone line if they are from the same operator.

All the data that we may need are at our disposal thanks to Roams; we can know the data and minutes that we have consumed from the moment that our billing period begins, and if we do not want to be pending all the time, we can let the app sends us push notifications with the percentage of monthly consumption and savings. In this way we can reduce data consumption depending on the use we make of the mobile.

Are you counting the days until the end of the tenure? Roams will do it for you, no need to call the operator, and will show you a push notification to jump to another company or improve your rate

Choose the operator that suits your needs

And speaking of changing operator, Roams allows us to compare between 30 operators and 1,000 mobile and Internet rates to choose the one that best suits what we need; There are all the ones that could interest us, from the most popular ones such as Vodafone Ono or Movistar, to others less known like Manga Mvil or Llamaya.

Choosing the right one will be easy thanks to personalized recommendations. The Roams system is capable of analyzing invoices, looking for details such as the consumption trend and what needs we have in each lineto save mobile rate.

Obviously, we will not have the same needs on the mobile as on the land line or the Internet, and the Roams system takes this into account to arrive at the perfect rate; We can also customize the filters, giving preference to different details such as:

  • Coverage
  • Payment method
  • The commitment to stay
  • Promotions
  • The type of data connection
  • The minutes included
  • The call setup cost
  • Availability of IP Voice
  • Extra costs

This system is impartial, so we never always recommend the same operator. Its objective is to reduce costs, but at the same time maintaining the best possible service. An app to take into account if we want to save with our mobile.

Roams is available for iOS and Android completely free of charge.

Download Roams for iOS

Download Roams for Android