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Samsung presents its new model of robot vacuum cleaner compatible with Amazon Echo

mayo 23, 2020

Just a few days before the start of a new edition of CES, in Las Vegas, the different technology companies are already starting to show some of the products with which they will be present at the event. One of the companies that is making the most announcements about those products to bring to CES 2017 is Samsung. In this sense, Samsung today presented its new robot vacuum cleaner model, the Powerbot VR7000.

Among its characteristics, what is most striking is its compatibility with Amazon Echo speakers, which allows users to give instructions to the robot vacuum cleaner by voice commands to Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant. At the moment the accepted instructions are not known but hopefully they are more than those currently supported by Neato, its previous model of robot vacuum cleaner, which only allows the activation and detection of cleaning by voice commands.Of course, the Powerbot VR7000 can also be controlled through its own mobile application. Samsung also highlights the suction capacity of dirt, being able to vacuum areas where until now other vacuum robots had it complicated, such as the edges of the walls, being able to even detect and avoid obstacles of small dimensions, and its slim design, precisely 28% thinner than the company's previous robot vacuum cleaner models, allowing it to reach even the most secluded areas, such as under furniture and beds.

All this is accompanied by its intelligent functions, Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0 to map the contours of the rooms and enable in-depth cleaning, and Intelligent Power Control, which adjusts the suction power level according to each type Of surface.

At the moment no one knows about the price or availability, an ace that Samsung keeps hidden and that, along with other details, will be revealed at the next CES, which will begin on January 5.