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Samsung Bixby, the personal assistant who understands what we want

Samsung Bixby, the personal assistant who understands what we want

Samsung Bixby, the personal assistant who understands what we want

Bixby, Samsung’s personal assistant, arrives. Yes, a new rival to the increasingly populated sector of personal assistants; What can Samsung offer that we have not already seen?

From Siri to Cortana, through projects like Google Assistant to Dragon, there are already more personal assistants on the market than are probably necessary. And yet manufacturers continue to develop new systems, increasingly comprehensive.

There is a good reason behind this; personal assistants are already a brand identity, and for Samsung, where own brand is everythingUsing the built-in wizard on Android didn’t make much sense.

Bixby, Samsung’s personal assistant

This is how Bixby was born, Samsung’s personal assistant that will come included by default in its new devices. And of course, on the new Galaxy S8 and S8 +, where you will have an exclusive dedicated button.

Bixby will be an assistant who will go beyond being just a bot to which we can ask questions. Bixby’s influence reach every corner of the Android system modified by Samsung. And all that, constantly learning from our actions.

We can use Bixby basically in two ways; if we make a long press on the button, Bixby listen to our orders and help us with everything we need. In other words, the habitual use that we will give it.

An own home for the personal assistant

The interesting thing is what happens when we make a short press on the button; in that case a Bixby own app will be opened, a kind of dedicated and independent home screen from the normal home screen. This is where we can get more out of Bixby, because it will be the place that reigns everything on our devices.

In this home, Bixby learn from our actions intelligently; You can reach conclusions based on the context to help us better.

An assistant who learns from us

Thanks to this learning, Bixby differs from other personal assistants in that will not be based on specific and unique commands. No talking to the assistant like a robot; Bixby is capable of understand orders that do not have all the information necessary.

Therefore, if we want something, it is not necessary that we explain all the details; Bixby will use the information he has accumulated to reach his own conclusions. And if you need more information, ask for it.

Bixby will launch initially in English and Korean; be available in spanish in the next monthsAlthough it is a pity that we cannot use Bixby in Spanish with the launch of the Galaxy S8, but at least there is a consolation; The English version understands some Spanish because it is intended for the Latin market. That means that from the beginning we will have access to some of the functions of Bixby in Spanish.

Bixby is an important bet of Samsung, that empower it to turn it into another reason to choose one of its devices and not those of the competition.