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SaltOS and RhinOS are released under copyleft license

SaltOS and RhinOS are released under copyleft license

Josep Sanz, partner of the WS3 company and one of the best students I have had in my past as a teacher, presents me with two products that, released under copyleft license (GPL-3.0) by his company, can help a lot in business management and creation of new web projects.


It is a business management application of the CRM and ERP type, focused on the needs of Py-MEs and freelancers such as customer management, project, accounting as well as agenda, email, etc.

It is fully compatible with GNU / Linux and Microsoft Windows. It also offers a development framework (framework) for companies that wish to adapt the application to their particular needs or develop new functionalities.


It is a tool for the creation of professional web portals, electronic stores, intranets and web applications in general. It is based on free software such as PHP, jQuery, MySQL or SQLite.

RhinOS has already been successfully implemented on dozens of websites.

Source code, documentation as well as the ability to test the products without installing them are available on the WS3 website.

Wide Spectrum Software Solutions (WS3) is a company based in Barcelona. It was founded in 2007 by two students from the Universitat Politcnica de Catalunya, Josep Sanz and Alex Muller. It is dedicated to the development of free software, consulting and advisory services as well as the development of customized IT solutions.