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Salsa, open source application to create course syllabus programs from templates

syllabus salsa

Course planning is one of the most complex tasks facing educators around the world, especially those who are aware that a poor structure in their programs can seriously affect the learning process of students. .

To help with the work is born sauce, an online application created by Utah State University that seeks to facilitate the design of syllabus courses in such a way that both the time invested in their digitization and their structural quality are optimized. For this, it presents an online editor with a template wisely defined as the result of the work of different teaching professionals and awaiting the contribution of thousands of other educators around the world.

The application highlights six structural categories for the program: course information, results upon completion, books and other required resources, activities to be carried out, game rules, and a grading table that, like a spreadsheet, automatically responds to the values ​​entered by each tem. As it is a template, the editing process will be as simple as locating in the respective fields and using the basic editing tools available.

There is no need to create an account or pay to use it, since it generates a random URL in each new syllabus which allows you to edit it by simply returning to that URL. To finish, it allows you to export the results in PDF or publish them through another URL that will only facilitate their visualization.

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