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s42at – A way to save our favorite links using hashtags on social media


Quite often we dedicate ourselves to sending the links that catch our attention to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, although none of these platforms is ideal for saving links that we can easily find later.

The idea of ​​ is to allow that with the use of hashtags in these publications we can have access to the links that we have shared, currently being compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

We just have to add # s42at in our publications and let the system be in charge of monitoring everything we publish. If we put in a Tweet, for example: #WWWhatsnew is getting better # s42at, we can find the link both under the address (browsing the tag with which the tweet started) as looking for shared links in the domain (ideal to know the most disclosed links of a specific site).

In We will see all the shared links, and in all that we have shared from our profile, although if we register we can consult the data also in

The result is a panel reminiscent of pinterest, with the content of all the links disclosed, ideal for not getting lost between simple urls.

At the moment it is quite basic and minimalist, although the idea is really attractive.