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Running Fred, the Temple Run of iOS and Android now for Google Chrome

Running Fred

For those who do not know it, Temple Run is a popular game for mobile devices in which the main character must escape at full speed from different enemies and events that occur in Templar scenarios similar to those of Indiana Jones. Well, Running Fred is a much simpler version of Temple Run but also available for Google Chrome on PC.

The objective of the game is the same and many obstacles are similar to those of Temple Run. Likewise, it has multiple game modes, more freedom in movements, giving space to different movements and stunts, dozens of levels, special objects (including a useful jetpack), unlockable features that can be quickly obtained through in-game purchases, and a rather gruesome character with a friendless face.

The controls are still the basics, the scroll keys to move between multiple possible directions and the space bar to jump over some obstacles and even take advantage of walls and special objects to gain momentum. Incidentally, an important distinguishing feature is that the obstacles that the character must avoid are much heavier and more violent, violence that can be realized by not overcoming one of them.

It is best to install it to see it in action or check out its promotional video available on YouTube. Incidentally, it also has versions for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry phones.

Link: Running Fred on the Chrome Web Store