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Rorschach test in the new Google Doodle

Hermann Rorschach

Hermann Rorschach was born 129 years ago, responsible for the famous Rorschach Test, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who stars in the Google search engine today.

The Doodle encourages us to carry out the test, showing random figures so that we can say what we see and share our opinion on social networks. In this case they are black and white figures, although the original Rorschach test includes some in color between their sheets.

In the test, the response is rated based on the information given by the patient, who will talk about the shape, color or content. One of the objectives is to distinguish between neurotic and psychotic. In Wikipedia we can read more about the theory:

[…] The symbols that are projected onto the test belong to both the genetic code and the archetypes, which are activated by needs that arise in the life of the individual. In this way symbols are frequently factors that awaken our memory on an emotional level, which is measured and coded in the test.

An original way of entertaining and recovering what we learned in school, although the result of what we see in the Rorschach test is not very clear to share on social networks …