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Roccat Power Grid, remote control for PC and gamepad on iOS and Android


Roccat is a German company that perhaps is familiar to you given its previous experience as a manufacturer of accessories and hardware for playing video games on the PC, which has brought us in the past quality peripherals such as keyboards, mice and specialized helmets for this sector. Now Roccat takes the step towards mobile applications and presents Roccat Power Grid for Android and iOS, a customizable app to act as a remote control while playing on the PC.

The application will work via Wi-Fi, and requires software installed on the PC (available in Windows) to function and thus establish a connection between computer and mobile device. From there, we will only have to create an account in Roccat and make the mobile and the PC recognize each other with the Scan function.

After this step, we can see in the software of our PC that it is being monitored displaying data such as CPU, use of hard drives, memory, networks, etc. while the mobile application will also display this data and, in addition, offer us the possibility of controlling audio, social media and games (options that we will see available in different boxes) from the same smartphone.

We leave you here with the link to the same Roccat website, where you will find a download link for the PC software and two other links for the respective applications on Android and iOS.