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Robiin – a sustainable trade model for the agricultural sector

Robiin - a sustainable trade model for the agricultural sector

Although it is not a free application, which is what we tend to publicize on, it is a very original business model that, based on the web, can give a new color to the agricultural sector.

Javier Martinez, responsible for the project, introduces me to Robiin as a business that distributes fresh products, trying to implement a fair trade model for the farmer.

Robiin receives an amount that ranges between 5% and 9% of the total product, being the only intermediary that exists between the farmer and the end customer and making what they receive public.

We provide the sector with transparency, and what we perceive is the incentive that allows us to continue developing the project. We are the only ones who show the customer where every euro they pay for their product goes.

At the moment they are in charge of distributing Valencian oranges, certified by the agricultural technicians of the cooperatives, who ensure that the fruit has passed all the quality controls set by the authorities.

They are working with farmer cooperatives (currently they distribute products from almost 1000 different farmers), trying to give prominence to the same farmer, being a participant in the project.

For example, we have developed administration panels, where they themselves enter the actions they take on their plots and which helps us to inform the final buyer later.

A very interesting model that can revolutionize many sides of the coin in which we live.