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RiteTag helps us optimize the hashtags of our tweets


We talk about RiteTag ( in January of this year, when it was still in private beta, and we do it now again to present some new features that may be useful for those who care for hashtags of your tweets.

Remember that this application allows us to find the appropriate tags for the texts that we publish on Twitter (they are already working on integration with Facebook and Google Plus). We just have to search by the subject we are writing about and we will have a list of tags ordered by popularity, always related to the subject in question. We can save tags and create collections to always have them at hand, in addition to the possibility of obtaining reports on the effect of these tags on our texts.

Once the appropriate tags for our tweet have been displayed, we can click on them to see how they are being used on Twitter and what other users use them, helping to make the decision on whether or not to publish our text in this way.

Now they tell us about the possibility of using extensions for Chrome and Firefox that help, with one click, to find the best #hashtag for our text.

Available at, they allow us to launch the generated tags without leaving the page we are on, sending the result to Twitter or leaving it scheduled for the future (similar to what buffer or hootsuite does).

In this video you can see the operation of both the platform and the extension: