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Ribbon, the platform for selling products online, adds P2P payments for customers


We remind you briefly that we talked about Ribbon at the beginning of the year, we discussed its usefulness to sell simple things using the Internet as a medium and the possibility that it offers us to integrate payment platforms in the same virtual storefront, without the need for the client to leave the page.

Now the company goes one step further in terms of facilitating online payments, in this case enabling the possibility of making payments person-to-person that allow direct payments between seller-customer through the web. Today, most merchants using Ribbon do so on their own website, as it is easier and more controllable to add a line of code that enables payment. The same month, the figure of 10,000 vendors was reached using this method.

This new version of Ribbon, not yet officially launched, does not focus on a new design aimed at selling and buying more, it is simply a new payment system based on moving money safely and from one person to another, and without the need to register in any account as the buyer. The action will be carried out through a specialized URL from where the payment will be made and the invoice will be issued.

We read a few words from Ribbon co-founder Hany Rashwan on TC:

[…] For the past few months we have been working on a new version of Ribbon that would take the technology and ideas that we had designed and use it in a different way. We are not prepared to announce in detail the new Ribbon, but very excited that people can use a payment system adapted to the current era and technology.

You can request an invitation to the new version at this link.