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Reverb, a new news reader based on word meanings and concepts [iPad]


Wordnik, the company behind the world’s largest online dictionary creation (where we find a billion definitions, example sentences, and thousands of phonetic pronunciations and related words) today announces the creation of Reverb, a news reader that uses Wordnik’s huge database to offer the user a personalized experience and recommendations based on the understanding of words and concepts read.

Founder Eric McKean explains on VB: We’ve built a word chart, and if you know the coordinates of many of the concepts in it and how they relate to each other, you can do a good job when it comes to knowing what people want to read..

Based on this basic idea, what Reverb does is recognize key concepts in texts and articles and organize the content of the web separating it into breaking news, news of personal interest and information based on the location itself. The first section, breaking news, will not be personalized (the exclusive news of the day is what it is, regardless of one’s preferences), but the other sections will have an analysis of our preferences, also taking into account what that our friends on Facebook and Twitter read.

A good example without a doubt to know where the personalization of content moves. You can download Reverb for iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher at this link to iTunes.