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ResumeLater, save YouTube videos with the exact playing time

ResumeLater, save YouTube videos with the exact playing time

Like any other website, when we browse YouTube, an unforeseen event or other occupation may arise that prevents us from continuing to view the video we were playing, with the risk of losing track of the video by closing the browser.

To make the task easier and not lose sight of the YouTube videos that have been pending, there is an extension for Firefox, ResumeLater, which not only allows us to have our video bookmarks, but also saves them at the exact moment where we have stopped reproduction. It is enough to choose it again from the extension, so that the video begins to play again, from where we left it.

We just have to install the extension and we will see that the icon is positioned in the add-ons bar. When we want to save a video we just have to press the icon.

ResumeLater can be useful to us if we are playing a long video such as a conference, a documentary or an interview and we want to return to see the content at the point where we have interrupted the playback.

If we use Google Chrome, we have a similar extension, Pause for Later, with a very similar operation.

Link: ResumeLater | Goes: Addictivetips