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Results of tests performed among the best antivirus on the market


We already have among us the results of the tests carried out by, famous for the software and hardware tests that they carry out throughout the year, indicating, among other things, which are the best antivirus programs on the market.

In the study (PDF) we see the summary in table form, led by Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, ESET Smart Security 7 and Norton Internet Security and with the solutions of Mcafee and Microsoft in last position.

The second column, Accuracy, shows the percentage of false positives (times it is indicated that a program is a virus or malware and it really is not). That is why Mcafee is in last place: it says too many times that there is a problem, when on many occasions it is not.

In PC Pro we can read an article commenting on the reasons why the solution offered free of charge to Windows users does not detect 39% of the viruses and malware files that it has faced in tests:

[…] Microsoft recognized last year that its security software claims to offer only benchmark performance, and said it wanted to give customers a good reason to pay for its security products, because that would create more diversity in the marketplace and make life easier. harder for malware creators. An as Security Essentials provides strong, comprehensive defense against malicious code and attacks.

In other words, Microsoft Security Essentials (Defender) is not the best, nor does it intend to be, recognizing that it is only a basic tool for most of the necessary cases. If all the links received by email (inside or outside of Spam) are opened on your computer, .exe from the most diverse sources are installed and is used by people without much digital culture: find a better alternative.

You can see much more details about the tests carried out in the documents published by Dennis Technology Labs, here.