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Researchers Test Vaccine That Kills Cancer Cells And Prevents Them From Returning

mayo 23, 2020

Researchers from the University of Michigan shared the results of an interesting study they are carrying out, which would open a new door to have a personalized therapeutic cancer vaccine.

Following the line of personalized immunotherapy, the purpose of this treatment is to help the immune system to recognize and attack the specific type of cancer that the patient suffers from.

To do this, they use nanodiscs with tumor neo-antigens so that T cells or T lymphocytes (those responsible for recognizing cancer cells) process to combat them and prevent their growth. In this way, as James Moon, who participates in the research, explains, the immune system is being educated to fight cancer cells in a personalized way.

This treatment is in its first stages of experiment, being tested on mice, achieving interesting results. According to the report, after applying this technology, they noted that 27% of T cells attacked tumors (from colon cancer and melanoma).

Another study revealed that combining nanodiscs with Iinhibitors of the PControl IIn all the mice, most of the tumors were destroyed in 10 days. And in a later test, they were able to verify that the immune system rejected the cancer cells that were injected into the mice.

So he not only managed to destroy the already developed tumors, but also prevented them from developing again.

We can read the full report in Nature Materials