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Rentul – new tool for vacation planning

Rentul - new tool for vacation planning

Faced with the approach of carrying out any type of travel, in its planning we make use of different tools in which we can

In the face of planning any trip on vacation, when planning, we make use of the different online tools that we have at our disposal, establishing the corresponding queries and reserving those essential services that best suit our needs. Many of the online tools go in the same line when it comes to offering their services, something Rentul has wanted to set himself apart to offer much more and in a social way.

With Rentul, users can socially plan our own trips based on the consultations and reservations of services that we have at our disposal. Although there are hardly any offers, if we offer some services, we can dedicate a commercial space to them. With only a single payment of 55 dollars per lifetime, we can offer our accommodation rental service, activity service, or restaurant service, to which we can include photos and videos of them in an unlimited way, in addition to other advantages.

In this case, it acts as a bulletin board where to offer services to allow users to plan their trips using these services.

In our own user profile we can have followers and be followed independently, in addition to being able to share something in our chronological line. They should still add social tools that make it possible to meet and establish contact with new users, and also, for example, receive personalized service recommendations.

Link: Rentul | Goes: TNW