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Remember: Windows Vista will die this year, it has a few months left

Remember: Windows Vista will die this year, it has a few months left

Remember: Windows Vista will die this year, it has a few months left

This 2017 marks the end of Windows Vista support, so if you still use that system, you better consider changing.

An operating system dies as soon as it receives no new patches, regardless of how many people use it; that’s because, at the rate hackers go, it won’t take them long to find a hole that won’t be plugged.

That is why Windows XP survived even though it already had many successors, because Microsoft kept releasing patches until 2014 so as not to abandon its millions of users; But with Windows Vista, Microsoft doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that pious.

When will Windows Vista support end

The next April 11 will occur the end of support for Windows Vista. That means that from then on Microsoft will stop releasing security patches; Users will not be able to rely on the company when a bug is discovered. Companies, which use the Enterprise version, may continue to receive updates.

Of course, that is not the end of the system; As it happened with Windows XP, surely for many of the users who still use Vista this doesn’t change anything. But for some it may be a good excuse to update the computer.

And it is that when Microsoft launched Windows 10, it did not allow free updates from Vista; so users now only have the option to continue using Vista unprotected or purchase a W10 license.

Goodbye to Vista, the doomed to succeed Windows XP

However, the situation is very different from that of Windows XP at the time; according to NetMarketShare, Windows Vista only has 1.06% of the market.

Remember that Vista was not exactly a success; the changes introduced were not to everyone’s liking, and for most there was no compelling reason to abandon XP. So hopefully the end of Windows Vista support comes without much drama.

The next system to crash is Windows 7, although a little is missing; It will not be until 2020 that you stop receiving security updates.