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Relaxed, automatic responses for our Twitter and Facebook accounts


If at this time of year we want to disconnect from social networks, we can find in Relaxed an interesting option.

It allows us to create messages that will serve as automatic responses when someone contacts us on Twitter or Facebook. It is a free service that we can use just by connecting our social network accounts, giving the necessary permissions.

The procedure is very simple. We need to determine the length of time we want auto replies to work and write our personalized message. Once we have programmed all the details according to our criteria, it only remains to activate the service.

Some details to keep in mind when using Relaxed is that although it works with public messages on both social networks, it does not follow the same dynamic with private messages. On Facebook you can respond to private messages that are sent to us, but not on Twitter.

If the same person sends us more than one message or mentions us more than once, they will only receive an automatic response, so as not to cause any type of spam. And if we no longer want to use Relaxed because we have resumed our social life, we simply have to disconnect this option and the service will automatically be canceled.

We can use this Relaxed function at any time, but these dates are a good option to test the service.

Link: Relaxed | Goes: TheNextWeb