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Reeder, the famous feed reader, adds themes and reading improvements


Few iOS readers are as enjoyable to use as Reeder ( Thousands of people find it by far the best feed reader for this type of device, and now it has improved a lot with the possibility of reading the content in a horizontal position, adding topics and many other news announced in its version 2.1.

With the new themes we can change the background color, the text size, the size of the title and the possibility to see the images in grayscale. It is now possible to change the way articles are read, grouping by date and feed, as well as better import the subscriptions of other readers and make it easier to sign up for new media.

The fact that it can be synchronized with feedly makes many users of this system use reeder as a client, being faster and easier to use than the official Feedly, which needs a greater number of movements to save an article for later reading, for example , something that with reeder is as simple as moving your finger to the left.

Attentive now to the update, and let’s continue waiting for the Android version, which seems to never want to leave …