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Recover over 10GB of space after Windows 10 Anniversay Update

How to activate Windows 10 File History to get automatic backups

How to activate Windows 10 File History to get automatic backups

Already have the Windows 10 Anniversay Update? Free up more than 10GB of space that the old files are taking up on your hard drive or SSD.

Since last August 2, Microsoft has been deploying theAnniversary Update of its latest operating system. For those who do not know very well what it is, it is a great update for Windows 10 on the occasion of its first anniversary.

Have you already updated? Here we explain how you can do it in case you have not yet skipped the notice (it goes little by little). The only thing you need is to have Windows 10, did you miss the deadline to update for free? You still have a chance.

Your previous installation is taking up precious space on your hard drive


When updating you will have seen that the available space on your hard drive or SSD (depends on the type of storage you use on your computer or laptop) has dropped. If you have a 1TB drive, well you almost won’t have noticed, but with a 128GB fixed SSD that I do.

When Windows is generally updated (not with minor updates), the system creates a folderwindows.oldwhich contains the files from your previous installation. Thanks to it, if we have any problems after the update we could return to the previous state.

After updating the Windows 10 Anniversay Update, the size of these files exceeds 10GB, a space that is always busy unless we remove it, as we will see now, because it is very easy.

We talked about this a few months ago because the transition from Windows 7/8 / 8.1 to Windows 10 was more than 20GB.

How to reclaim space after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The process is exactly the same, using the utility of Disk Cleanup.

EYE:If you delete the old files you will not be able to return to a previous state, make sure that everything works correctly after the update, just in case.

  • Find Disk Cleanup from the Start Menu


  • Choose C: / (or where you have Windows installed) and click on the Clean system files option. In the list of options, look for Previous Windows Installations and you’ll see the space you can free up.
  • Click accept and herd, you have already freed a precious space that you can use to continue saving photos of kittens.

And you, have you already updated?