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Records requested from Amazon Echo unit in police investigations

mayo 23, 2020
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As we have said on numerous occasions, we are entering a world in which we will have different connected devices that will make life easier for us in a number of aspects. But still what we do not know yet is that to what extent the habits that these devices collect could be used against us in case of being accused by the justice.

In this sense, now we find the murder case of Victor Collins, in which the Arkansas Police, in the framework of their investigations, has requested Amazon Inc. to provide them with all kinds of records that they may have on their servers. carried out through the Amazon Echo unit belonging to James Bates, accused of said murder earlier this year (2016).

Amazon, for its part, has refused to comply with the request, providing only the details of James Bates's user account as well as his purchase history. As reported by The Information, the police have been able to extract data from James Bates' Amazon Echo unit, although at the moment it is not known what kind of information he might have obtained.

If that were not enough, given the fact that James Bates also has other types of connected devices, in the framework of these investigations, they try to link the water consumption recorded in his water meter, suspecting that the amount of water registered in a time interval could be used to wash the tests.

Bates' lawyer believes that the privacy of individuals would be violated if the police wanted to obtain the information available on the devices of those individuals. This case is quite reminiscent of Apple's refusal to collaborate with the FBI in the San Bernardino murder case.

Now the issue is in the search for the balance between privacy and justice.